Water Fun in the Sun

A few years ago, we got caught up in the same back yard instant pool bug that everyone else seemed to have. It seemed like such a simple and easy solution...unroll, put in water and Voila! Instant backyard pool with hours of endless lounging and backyard fun. Well, that was the fantasy. The reality? The pool never held its water. The pool top kept flying. And, the ladder barely fit over the pool’s … [Read more...]

Childish Fun in the Sun

The lazy days of summer are quickly approaching. Before long, carpools and homework will be a distant memory and we will fill our days with all sorts of outdoor adventures. What we all have a tendency to forget, though, is as soon as the sun feels warn on our skin is the time to pull out the sunblock.  For most of us, that means early spring! Think about it. How many times have you had the … [Read more...]

Amusement Park Adventure For Fun and Safety

Does your family dream of amusement park rides every summer? This time of year the amusement park ads are in full bloom getting everyone itching to get to their local parks. There is no doubt that amusement parks can be a great family outing and offer something for everyone – even non-ride people. At the same time, while it’s easy to assume that a clean-looking, well-run park is “safe”, … [Read more...]

12 Months of Changes: June Is About Health Wherever You Are

It could easily be the start of a new Dr. Seuss book: "Your health...here, there and everywhere!" You could read that one line so many ways: Your health happens here, there and everywhere. Your health involves places here, there and everwhere. Do you know the details of your health - here, there and everywhere? You need to be healthy here, there and everywhere. You get the idea! Your health is … [Read more...]