Back To School Tips

Preparing for a new school year can be  overwhelming and catch even the most organized parent off guard. It seems to come out of no where,  and suddenly families coast to coast find themselves back in  school mode. … [Read more...]

Kelping Kids with “Text-iquette”

Do your kids text? My youngest teen has a friend who loves to text but doesn't get that it exists on a phone that 1. has an off switch 2. belongs to a person who may be busy when the text comes in an unable to return the text right away. So, there has been some lags in returning texts with this friend and some texts have been missed. Inevitably, about once a day, almost like clock … [Read more...]

Tweens: Encourage, Don’t Over Indulge…especially with things!

My daughter really wants an iTouch. She's 12...a tween. We heard nothing about this until recently when a friend was over who happened to have been given one for a holiday gift. It turns out that many of her friends have them now so she feels like iPods are suddenly passe. Instead of asking us for one or concocting a plan to put it on her next birthday list, she came up with the idea to earn … [Read more...]