Dr. Gwenn’s Tips for Unplugged Living

Ready to learn to unplug? Or, looking for more ways to unplug? I have just the tips you've been looking for! Here are 15 of my favorite ways to disconnect and get away for the digital world for a while, either by myself or with my family and friends. Feel free to download this to your computer, share it, print it. The more people in your life that unplug with you, the more fun and empowering … [Read more...]

Rudeness in Aisle 3…is there an APP for that?

Have you noticed that our high tech lives either make us incredibly happy or incredibly testy? It’s like we’ve either had too much caffeine or not enough - in any given moment! We live a life of paradoxes. One of the most major ones concerns technology. On the one hand, we want a bit less of it at times. On the other, we want it to make our lives a bit easier. Striking the balance isn’t always … [Read more...]

National Day of Unplugging Starts Tonight – you game?

Sabbath Manifesto is once again hosting it's National Day of Unplugging. It begins at sundown today and ends sundown tomorrow. The goal is simple: avoid technology for 24 hours. That's it - just 24. Sounds daunting if you've never done it but it truly can be done. In fact, once you do it once, you actually start to look forward to your next unplugged time - at least that's what I've found and … [Read more...]

Teaching Kids When To Hit The Off Switch

Recently I was at the market on the hunt for ingredients for a new salsa recipe my husband was eager to try. Thanks to the Food Network, we’ve discovered ingredients that I was convinced would require a plane ride to a foreign land, or long car ride to a specialty market! Who would have thought items such as tomatillos and red jalepenos or pobablo peppers would be at our regular supermarket...but, … [Read more...]