The Youth Sports Off Season: a key ingredient to our kids’ game plans

Curt Schilling has one. So does Manny, Mia Hamm, Tom Brady, and college athletes. What about your young athlete? What is the mystery thing? An off season. #1 Avoid Injuries: The Importance of an Off-season And it is a mystery. It’s a mystery why pros have one and youth athletes don’t.  It’s a mystery why coaches and parents refuse to acknowledge the reams of data proving youth sports are out of … [Read more...]

More Than a Bump on a Head

Kids today play hard. From pickup games to organized sports, children are playing more aggressively and at younger ages than previous generations. With increased participation and younger ages comes a higher risk of injury particularly to the developing brain. The scenarios for injury are endless but the concerns are always the same: is my child’s brain ok? When is it safe to return to sports? … [Read more...]

Posted Rules at Pools are for Everyone

My health club's outdoor pool's hot tub has a new sign: "No children under 12 allowed in the hot tub...this includes dangling feet and dipping toes!" It's very large and placed in front of the entrance to the hot tub at the stairs. Not only can you not miss it, you can't miss reading it - the letters are huge and neatly written. You only have to be at the club for a few minutes to see why the … [Read more...]

Pedroia to fans: thanks for the vote but family has to come first!

First Pedroia missed a regular season game , now he’s bowing out of the All Star game. Why? Because family is sometimes more important than baseball. Pedroia’s statement tells the entire story. From the statement, it’s obvious that, while disappointed he won’t be able to play, family is more important and that he has the full support of the Red Sox organization. … [Read more...]