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Overview: New Media, Pediatric Clinics of North America, June 2012

Eradicating Polio in India: Is the battle over or just beginning?  Shot@Life Campaign Feature for International Woman’s Day by UN Foundation, March 2, 2012

The Impact of Social Media, Pediatrics, April 2011

Huffington Post Blog on Digital and Parenting Issues

Online and Print Articles


Camp Kivu’s Quest to get Depressed Teens to Disconnect from Social Media (Newsweek/Daily Beast, Nov. 2012)

Cyberbullies have Real World Allies (MedPage Today, October 2012)

Too Young To Text (Time Magazine, Aug. 2012)

Avoiding Social Media Anxiety (Pediatric News, Feb, 2012)


tmi: are you sharing too much information online? (Teen Vogue, 1/3/2011)

Great Advice for Parents from Dr. Gwenn (Facebook Safety, 1/12/2011)

6 myths about keeping kids safe online (Yahoo! Shine, 2/8/2011)

Parents Guide to Facebook (Boston Parents Paper, Feb. 2011)

Pediatricians Should Discuss Facebook Depression with Kids. (Time, 3/28/11)

Social media websites can help and harm kids. (USATODAY, 3/28/11)

Social Media May Affect Kids’ Health (WebMD, 3/28/11)

Monitor Facebook Use By Teens (CBC Radio and News, 3/28/11)

Today’s Kids Face Facebook Depression (LiveScience, 3/28/11)

Prednisone news/2011/04/04/prsc0405.htm” target=”_blank”>Social Media Discussion Needed During Teen Checkup (AMA News, 4/5/11)

CyberSafety: A pragmatic prescription (Literacy 2.0, 4/19/11)

Should Young Kids Be on Facebook? Experts are skeptical. (PCMagazine, 5/23/11)

Safe Social Media: Children’s networking sites like Everloop protect children from predators (NY Daily news, 6/24/11)

“Expecting Child”: Facebook welcomes fetuses to social media (Time, 8/3/11)

Checkup Check List: Family Circle (September 2011)


Doctor Anonymous Blog Post (9/22/10)

Calgary’s Child September/October Best Bets

The 5 Meanest Websites On The Web for Kids (Foxnews.com, 10/9/10)

10 Ways Parents Can Protect Kids From Cyberbullying (Foxnews.com, 10/9/10)

How closely should parents monitor teens? (USA Today, Parenting, Part II, 10/12/10)

Protecting Kids in the world of social media (KevinMD.com 10/14/10)

iPhones for Toddlers (NYT, 10/17/10)

The New ‘Ugly’ Meter”: A tool for cyberbullying? (Foxnews.com 10/19/10)

Medscape Interview with Dr. Gwenn on Cyberbullying advice for pediatricians (10/25/10)

10 Things Parents Need to Know about Keeping Kids Cybersafe Online (Just Mommies)

CyberSafe Excerpts in Syndication: MCCLATCHY-TRIBUNE Service October-December 2010

Kids and CyberSafety: QA with Dr. Gwenn O’Keeffe on HCPLive:

Cyberbullying A High Tech Health Risk for Young People (amednews 11/15/10)

CyberSafe Holiday Tips (Macaroni Kid 12/22/10)


Should Doctors Use Twitter? (AMA News, 6/29/09)

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